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Surekil Pest Control can carry out a range of services

from pest control to rubbish clearing,

cleaning & sanitising in and around your home.

We can cater for all types of commercial

properties from hotels & restaurants, to hospitals & airports, sports grounds & retail parks.

Should pests be a reoccuring problem for you,

we can arrange servicing and contracts to keep

potential pest problems at bay.

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Mitcham Pest Control Services

The Fruit Fly   (Fruit Fly In Mitcham)




• Bulbous lower body, orange or light brown in colour.


• 1 to 2mm long.


• Relatively slow fliers.


• Rapid reproduction cycle – numbers can triple in a couple of days.




Fruit bowls and kitchen compost bins, both providing favourable conditions for reproduction as do damp, dirty clothing left about, drains and drain pipes.


Property entry points:


Often as eggs, invisible to the naked eye, on the fruit we buy.

Adults lay their eggs on the fruit in our fruit bowls, especially bananas which they are particularly fond of, from where the flies hatch.


Obvious signs:


Small flies around fruit.


Significance to humans:


• Nuisance of flies flitting in front of you.


• Give an impression of lack of cleanliness.


• Poor impression of hygiene in restaurants.




Locate breeding grounds and apply chemical treatments and traps.


Bad infestations may take several visits.


Guidelines to prevent infestation:


Don’t leave food around after a meal, wash up.


Empty the kitchen compost bin regularly and keep the rubbish bin away from the house,

as rotting material, especially with a sugary content, attracts the flies.


Wash soiled clothes regularly to avoid development of bacteria, to which they are attracted and keep your drains clean, especially in the warmer months.