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Surekil Pest Control can carry out a range of services

from pest control to rubbish clearing,

cleaning & sanitising in and around your home.

We can cater for all types of commercial

properties from hotels & restaurants, to hospitals & airports, sports grounds & retail parks.

Should pests be a reoccuring problem for you,

we can arrange servicing and contracts to keep

potential pest problems at bay.

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Call us today with the full confidence that we will solve all your pest problems.


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Pest Control Mitcham 7 days a week 2 hour response with guaranteed treatments and proofing throughout Mitcham and London Rats Mice Bed Bugs Fleas Cockroaches Moth Wasps Squirrels Foxes Woodworm Pigeons and much more...

Mitcham Pest Control Services

The Mouse    ( Mouse Control In Mitcham)




• Social creatures.


• Brownish grey.


• Body length up to 9 cms (3.5 ins).


• Two types - house mouse and loft mouse. We can proof the invading house mouse.


• Prolific breeders - up to 50 young a year.


• Thrive where human food is plentiful.


• Excellent balance - can climb walls and along telephone wires.




Mice can turn up in any kind of property looking for food and harbourage especially throughout autumn and winter.


Property entry points:


House mice generally enter properties via gaps around pipes, holes and gaps in walls and internal floors, creeping plants and trees to roof lines, poorly kept buildings, neighbouring buildings, etc..

They can enter any opening larger than 7mm (1/4 in) and while some pest control companies will tell you that this makes it  impossible to completely mouse proof a building, Surekil won’t!


Significance to humans:


• Can cause fire by gnawing through cables.


• Contaminate foodstuffs in warehouses, shops, hospitals and domestic premises.


• Transmit dangerous pathogens such as Salmonella and Listeria.




Rodenticides, snap traps and glue boards can all be used.


We give careful consideration to your situation and always recommend the best course of treatment.


Once we have traced entry points, proofing, property maintenance and good hygiene are all paramount and are part of the pest control programme which we help you resolve.



• Do not leave food and food waste lying about.


• Store food away as mice will gnaw through bags, wood and plastics to gain access.


• Close waste bins firmly. Do not overfill to provide easy access.


Discuss with them or call us - our discretion is assured.

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